Ella can jump real high and can pick the most so people buy.....


Handee's always here

to lend a hand or wipe a tear

Our Amazing Farm Helpers

Frost took some...

Our first street sign!​

And still had enough for our pickers!

And he sleeps real good at the end of the day

Emmie made us Pie and she's the apple of everyone's eye

Nigel loves to play, A ball is his favorite prey

Emma is a Gem and a wonderful Friend

And they come back year after year!

​Tuckaway Blueberry Farm

Alex is a farm pro and there's nothing that he does not know

Blueberries for Life.........You Pick!

We had enough to share with the birds!

Blueberry Pound Cake

by Sharon Cassidy of Cassidy's Creations

Mrs. Kitchen and family came to the farm to see us.

Mr & Mrs Kitchen are the former owners of Hard Labor Creek Blueberry Farm in Social Circle.

We are so grateful they came and we had a wonderful visit. 

So many of you have such fond memories of their farm,

and, her family picked some berries to take home.

Her visit on June 25th will hold a special place in our heart and we hope she'll return soon.

If any of you with memories of their farm wish to contact Mrs. Kitchen kindly call or text me and I will give you her information.

Lot's more memories to come...

We are grateful for our farm to share with so many friends.

Ren and Cathie

Just a few miles out of town in a growing area in Walton County is a small flowing Blueberry Farm, tucked away into the landscape.

Tuckaway Blueberry Farm, named after the farm where my father grew up, is rapidly becoming the place to pick!

  We added 106 bushes!

​​​And spared some!

Copyright Tuckaway Blueberry Farm. All Rights Reserved.

Milestones for 2022!

Everyone enjoyed the fresh blueberry pound cake that we are offering for sale. Don't miss out on the delicious cakes.

(Available most Saturdays)

We  finished our

Blueberry Building.

Milestones for 2021!

I really love my Max, my first grandson, and that's a Fact.

We will be opening Soon!

Cool temps have kept the berries from ripening.

Its looking like our opening will be Tuesday June 13th.

Always be sure to call before coming!

Tuckaway is close to OPENING for the 2023 Season

We wish to thank all of you who visited our farm in 2022.

We look forward to seeing you for the New 2023 Season SOON!